"I've always gotten more than I expected at Rook's CPA. They are very responsive which helps me make timely decisions. I get very thorough information when I ask questions and feel that I am learning important information to help me in the future. I've been surprised by the level of service provided. Knowing the character and nature of this firm I would endorse them to anyone."

-Arlen Byrd
"Rooks has the experience to handle the tax issues involved with my investments. That expertise allows me to invest in what I want without having to worry about how to handle the tax implications."

-Bob Anderson
"Rooks has a very good understanding of professional accounting procedures.  I get a "dollar plus" for every dollar I spend on their services. They give me straight-forward, honest answers, even if it is not something I want to hear. They have helped me save a ton of money in taxes."

-Gene Tapley
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